Tips for parents to ensure their kids to be a positive individual

Positive individual.

Parents play a major role to ensure that their kids turn out to be positive individuals. Similarly, as kids spend most of their valuable time in school, both teachers and parents have certain expectations mutually from each other to develop kids to become positive individuals.  We must make sure that these roles do not overlap and the end result is the intellectual growth of a kid leading to a positive individual.

Tips for parents to ensure their kids to be a positive individual is for parents to be positive individuals in the first place.  Kids learn and follow what they see from the adults around them.  To contribute toward their kid being a positive individual, parents would need to be involved in the lives of their children irrespective of their busy work schedules.  Being involved in the life of your kid and sharing all of their likes and dislikes itself is a first step towards becoming a positive individual. 

Kids will have to be given their freedom, yet there must be boundaries set.  Do not sound and behave intrusive, instead give them their space, and ensure that the questions you ask should be reflective rather than being offensive and probing.  The parents should make their kids comfortable and enable them to share their feelings and views.  This will empower their self—reflection and shape them into confident and self-directed learners.

As mentioned above, kids do not imbibe positive attributes and behavior through the advice given to them; instead, they take the cues from the adults around them.  Hence, as elders, we need to be very conscious of our behavior and choice of words when the kids are around and also while speaking to them.  Also, while in conversation with other people, be it the spouse, older people, helpers, whom we interact with, or even strangers whom we come across daily.

Children will have to be encouraged to display positive and cooperative behavior consistently.  The values which we want to inculcate in our children have to be genuine and not based on opinions and beliefs.

A common mistake that we make as adults is to compare our child to other children, regarding behavior, grades, etc.  It is incorrect to do so, and we must realize that every child is unique with distinct skills that we need to identify and ensure that they master in their respective fields of interest.  The necessary support and resources would need to be provided by us.  When they excel and develop confidence, they become excellent decision-makers and problem-solvers in life.

Mount Litera Zee School highly encourages positive individual characteristics that they believe promote a child’s responsibility, creativity, cooperation, and above all respect for each other and equality amongst them.

Mount Litera Zee School, the best CBSE School in Whitefield, ensures that our students not only excel in academics but focus on good behavior to maintain decorum.  We always ensure that smooth and highly effective student learning takes place with regular feedback to make the learning process more effective.

Tips for parents to ensure their kids to be a positive individual includes building a good rapport with them and the school keeping track of their activities.  Constant appreciation and recognition of their efforts boost their confidence levels, helping them to perform better, which in turn will help them to become positive individuals.  Mount Litera Zee School strives to bring about a remarkable change in our students’ lives.

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